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    Posted on Sat,Mar 09, 2013

    Today in 1964, the first ever Ford Mustang rolled off the assembly line. A beautiful white automatic, 260 cubic inch engine, bucket seats, console, Rally Pac with gauges, wire wheels and rare heater delete. 

    1964 Ford Mustang

    The original price tag on this beauty? $2,300.00. It may seem like a steal at first, but this would be approx. $17K today. Either way I want one - and make it a 64 and a half please. Unfortunately for me this car commands upwards of $5.5 Million at auction; much different then it's original price tag.

    The original luster of the Ford Mustang that caught our attention in the 60s is still alive and well today; many have even referred to this model as an American icon. (Cue the fireworks, parades and hot dogs.) 

    The classic long hood and short deck silhouette, sculptured side scoops and galloping chrome pony on the grille are omnipresent in the current fifth generation, but in a contemporary interpretation.  We can't wait to see what the sixth generation looks like, journalists speculate the body styling will be completely redesinged once again.

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